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A quick guide to assisting users in the challenging steps from learning about your podcast on the web, to listening to it on their phone.

Someone scanning a QR code on a website and opening their favorite podcast app on the phone.

Most good podcast listening experiences takes place using a podcast app on a mobile phone. So, how do you help website visitors finding your podcast show on their app and getting that good experience?

If you have a website or use web-based promotion for your podcast show, many of your…

We offer publishers and editors a way to present thoughtfully crafted reading experiences online, issue by issue.

We are not about adding to a never-ending stream of articles. Or trying to breathe life into a static PDF intended for another medium. …

Contrary to what most science fiction stories will try to tell you, time travelling is not at thing of the future. It’s here already, and it have been for ages.

Off course time travel is possible. At least if travelling means experiencing something, and not necessarily interacting with it or in other ways changing it.

You can go back in time reading an old post-card, seeing a video or hearing an old recording. Or even just in your mind, thinking…

Media publishers still struggle to find an economically viable model for survival and continuous production. My suggestion is a model based on the popularity of the content.

25 years after the birth of the Internet the main platform and technology for media consumption, media publishers like newspapers, music services, and cinema are still struggling to find viable economical models for survival and continuous production. Many things have been tried, and many models have failed. …

Two major projects are set to add colours and expressions to our cities on a major scale soon.

I’ve been running the Drone Graffiti blog the past three and half years documenting occurrences of graffiti made with drones. And with the recent development I though it was a good idea to do a status post on the phenomenon.

Even though the concept has caught on in wider and…

I recently curated an exhibition of the most promising and interesting drone graffiti projects from the Drone Graffiti blog from the period 2013–2016. Here is an article I wrote at the time, summing up my thoughts on this new way of creative expression and it’s progress so far. …

Jesper Vestergaard

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