How to make an original music track simply by using the internet

‘Browser Music’ is a performance concept using free web applications and readily available sounds from the internet. This is a documentation of the project. And maybe it could serve as a recipe for you, to cook up your own stuff. You can try this at home.

Jesper Vestergaard
3 min readNov 23, 2014


Preliminary notes
Writing this, I’m at the stage of planing the performance and refining the concept. I chose to use Medium’s draft state as a basic note taking tool, to keep everything online and as close to the moment of publication as possible. Like a working prototype, turning into a final work, instantaneously, in the moment of it’s making.

The current version is made especially for PechaKucha Night Cph #30, November 26 2014 in Copenhagen. The video below is a recorded try out of this perfomance.

The work

Steps (20):

1. Hello

2. Go to
Choose Modules > Filters > Moog ladder filter
At ”var G = g / (2 + g);”
Set 2 to 8.

3. Go to
Add 4 road pieces
Plant 2 trees along the road
Add two lamp post in the other end

4. On Isle of Tunes
Add Car
Press Play
Crank up volume

5. Go to
Play Graham Bells’ voice recording
Turn down a bit

6. Go to Wavepot tab
set to 16

7. Go to
Add 3–5 dots, line 5

8. Go to
play Voyagers recording from Interstellar space.
Go to Graham Bell tab
Turn down.

9. Go to
Play English
Play Japanese
Change Japanese to Danish
Play Danish
Play English
Play Japanse

10. Go to Voyager tab, and replay.

11. Go to
Create name: yoyo
Pick Green
Play the two lowest lines (Drum and snare)

12. Stay in Plink
Pick Navy blue
Play scale from top

13. Go to Voyager tab, and replay.

14. Go to
A + L + K (+J)

15. Back to ToneMatrix
Back to Patatap

16. Go to
Pick ‘Thybomål’.
Turn down Graham Bell.

17. Start closing tabs, from the right
Reactivate Voyager.
Go to Wavepot
set to 4.

18. Close all tabs, from right.

21. Back to this screen.

20. Thank You.

The video

A screen cast with sound of the performance try out.

A try out of the performance.



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